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CO Detectors

UnitsWe are an Original Equipment Manufacturer. We design and manufacture the FMS 650 connected cockpit system and a range of CO Detectors for aircraft.

Our units are standard safety equipment on all new Cessna 172,182, 206, 350, 400, Cirrus SR20 SR22, Diamond DA40, Piper Aircraft as an optional safety device, and Skycrane helicopters.

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FMS Connected Cockpit

App imageThe FMS 650 is now shipping!

It is a powerful combination of hardware and software. A state-of-the-art connected cockpit system which can be used with our aviation apps and some of the most popular industry aviation apps in circulation.

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Pulse Oximeter

sampleCheck out the certified AERO 455 Pulse Oximeter.

It will transmit the pilot’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate statistics, CO level, cabin temperature, and cabin altitude to the aircraft's MFD.

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Data is stored in a secure cloud

With the FMS 650 and FMS Connect App aircraft owners and pilots can see their flight data on the ground and in the air.

You can track your flights, see your engine data, and pilot logbook right on your computer or tablet.

Now aircraft owners and pilots can save time and money by viewing their engine data and discovering potential issues before it is too late. Interested aircraft owners and pilots should contact our sales department for more information.

2015 Trade Shows

Check back soon to see when and where we will be exhibiting next year.

Safety Solutions

CO entering detectorWe carry products that provide safety as well as situational awareness for aircraft owners and pilots.